Jim A. Ross Camera Crane Demo Reel

Jim A. Ross Commercial Demo Reel

Jim A. Ross DP/Camera Op Corporate Reel (Montage)

Jim A. Ross, DP, Gaffer – Comedy Demo Reel

Jim A. Ross, DP/Gaffer – Drama & Horror Reel

Jim Ross Director of Photography – Adrenaline Reel

CinematixHD – We Film Adrenaline

BTS Hospital Scene – As Director, NOT DP!

BTS Jousting #7 Horse and Chariot Combat

Grip Truck Extras #18: Don’t Get Scammed!

BTS Kold & Windy – “Peeling Out” of the Parking Lot

Pro Tip: Low Budget Lighting Tutorial – Candlelit Dinner

BTS Jousting #6 Sword Combat

BTS Jousting #5 Sword Combat

BTS Jousting #4 Equestrian Stunts

BTS Jousting #3 Equestrian Stunts

BTS Jousting #2

BTS Jousting #1

BTS Camera Crane/Jib With Lighting Breakdown

Car Mounted Camera On Dodge Challenger – Full Lap at Road Atlanta

 Grip Truck Extras #17: Power Cords VS Stingers

Grip Truck Extras EXTRA

BTS Technocrane Shot Without a Technocrane – Using a Camera Jib On a Dolly For Floating Camera Effect

Pro Tip #5 LED Light Review – SUTEFOTO P80RGB Monolight

Misako on Slate with J.G. Hertzler (Klingon General Martok of Deep Space Nine Fame)

My Daughter In Charge of the Film Slate/Clapper

BTS Low Budget Lighting Setup for a DC Fan Film

My Daughter Misako on Slate for “Supergirl No More”

Camera Crane on Dolly as Floating Camera Platform – Poor Man’s Techno Crane

Pro Tip #4: Generay Endeavor LED VS 1K ARRI Fresnel

Grip Truck Extras #16: Dust Be Gone!

Grip Truck Extras #15: Don’t Get Caught Without a Spare!

Quickie Night Camera Tests On Three Light Setups

Low Budget Pre-Production: Prep or Shoot From the Hip?

Should You Both Direct & DP Your Film – NO! Delegate! Tips From The Back of the Grip Truck #3

Grip Truck Extras #14: Protect Those Precious Ears!

Speed Lighting – Lighting When Short On Time & Resources

Look Professional On Video From Your Home or Office Without Buying ANY Pro Gear! 

Grip Truck Extras #13: Testing 1-2-3!

Grip Truck Extras #12: Give It a Squeeze!

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