BTS Technocrane Shot Without a Technocrane – Using a Camera Jib On a Dolly For Floating Camera Effect

Here’s a low budget solution to getting a Technocrane shot when you don’t have a Technocrane. I fabricated a dolly during the COVID lockdown of 2020. I also made it so I could mount my large T-Jib camera crane on it. For this shot we wanted the camera to float away from our actor while the set turned on a turntable. Then we reversed and re-enter the scene on our second actor while panning and rising. Initially we had a Ronin as a tilt head but it went wonky on me so we did it the old fashioned way – used a fluid head and the DP manually moved the camera. Azariah Oldacre is the DP. Marquelle Young our Director. I was the crane op/ dolly grip. I literally gaffer taped my iPhone to my crane for this shot.

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