Jim Ross Bio

CinematixHD founder Jim Ross is a digital cinematographer working as a Director of Photography and Gaffer. He has over two decades experience working in video and motion pictures. He has filmed across the United States, Mexico, Europe, Africa and Asia, filming a diverse range of subjects from Baja racing to cooking shows, from fitness pros to wild elephants, from TV commercials and television shows to full length Feature Films.

Jim began working in video when the first large format camcorders hit the market in the late 80’s. Realizing his “hobby” had revealed a natural talent, Jim practiced and polished his craft by working on the sets of independent films. It was there he learned about lighting, composition, and cinematic camera work. He also worked at the Atlanta public access station as a cameraman, audio engineer, director and other positions so he would learn all he could.

Jim’s early projects included videos for builders, realtors, fitness professionals, airshow performers, doctors and even a TV pilot for Wings, the predecessor to The Military Channel, and a pilot for The Outdoor Network about climbing.

As video went online, Jim’s library of work grew. He created videos for diverse range of products and services for the Internet audience. Jim developed a particular talent for filming action including racing, boating, aircraft, and activities like a safari, firewalking, and adventure tours.  He has a flair for capturing the “experience” of activities, putting the audience “in the action.”

Formerly an actor trained in Theatre and Directing, Jim is adept at directing actors and non-actors on camera. Jim understands how important it is to make people comfortable on camera, so they can portray the feelings and message important to the production. He has filmed interviews with such celebrities and notables as Jay Leno, Dr. J, Zappos founder Tony Hsieh, Paul Mitchell founder JP DeJoria, WebMD founder Jeff Arnold and many others.

An accomplished cameraman, Jim has filmed in the deserts of Baja, in the wilds of Africa, on the greens of Pebble Beach, in the pits at Road Atlanta, and even on the glaciers of Iceland. He’s just at home on the set of a TV studio, or the boardroom of the executive office. He’s been the Director of Photography and Camera Operator for the Atlanta based comedy TV series Bless Yer Heart and the DP for fourteen episodes of the Fantasy Web Series Suspension of Disbelief.

In 2017 Jim added two feature films to his resume, as he was Director of Photography for the independent murder crime mystery feature End of the World Rocks, as well as worked with the Visual Effects team on Godzilla! King of the Monsters.

As a DP Jim always worked as a “Lighting DP”. So it was only natural others turn to him for his expertise. In 2021 he began getting requests to work as a Gaffer and Lighting Designer for many of the DPs he knows for their shorts, commercials, and films. In 2022 Jim was the Lighting Designer and Gaffer for the first seven episodes of AMC’s TV action drama series “Kold and Windy”. Jim has already been fingered to return for Season Two in 2023.

Also in 2023 Jim was asked to Direct his first feature length film. Having already been a Director for countless commercials and several TV shows, he is right at home in the Directors slot. 

Lastly, Jim does not work alone. When you are in the business for over two decades you meet and work with the best of the best. Jim is able to call upon the skills and talents of many people with different skillsets and resources. Camera operators and entire teams of 1st, 2nd, and 3rd ACs, DPs, ADs, Gaffers, Key Grips, Line Producers, Sound Engineers, G&E Crew, Set Decorators, HMU professionals – you name it and he knows people with the skills you need for your production. Because Motion Picture and Video production often takes an army. And Jim has an army of dedicated people to call upon.

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