Motion Picture Services

Big budget? Medium Budget? Small budget? We’ve got you covered! In fact, Cinematix founder Jim Ross has developed a reputation for making small budgets look like big budgets.

Filming action and creating video that looks like film takes more than a camera and a tripod. It takes the same equipment and resources used on professional sets, and years of experience and insight using that equipment. Our name is CinematixHD because we film Cinematically. We have the gear and the people that know how to use it to get professional results!

Filming with a green screen background. The green screen will be replaced with VFX shots of a Space Dock for Star Trek Axanar

We utilize professional lighting, camera cranes, green/blue-screens, camera stabilization systems such as Steadicam, gimbals, camera dollies and other mounting systems, aerial acquisition platforms, remote cameras, and even underwater camera rigs.

Jim Ross films with a camera crane on the set of Suspension of Disbelief

Jim has developed relationships with many local Atlanta film professionals. So he is able to call upon an army of film pros from camera operators, fellow DPs and Gaffers, Steadicam Operators, Drone Pilots, and members of all the other teams that make filmmaking possible – hair and makeup, VFX specialists, divers, grips and electrics, set decorators, drivers – you name it!

Jim Ross guides Steadicam Operator Vincent DeVries on a camera rehearsal on Star Trek Axanar while the Director watches the cameras view via a feed to his phone.

Whether you need a few people for a small project, a medium sized crew for a more involved project, or an army for a full blown feature film, we can help you gear up and crew up for your production.

Jim Ross on set with the VFX Team on Godzilla – King of the Monsters!

Give Jim Ross a call to talk about your production needs (770) 938-7077

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