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What do two US auto manufacturers, two airlines, one of America’s largest banks and credit card processing companies, two US Universities, as well as many not so large and famous companies in Georgia, the U.S. and abroad all have in common? They have online video and television commercials that were created in part or in their entirety by CinematixHD.

But. . . not one of these companies have ever HEARD of CinematixHD.

How’s that? That’s because Cinematix acts as the professional “in-house” video production company for several advertising and marketing agencies. This allows these agencies to create video content for their clients, without having the investment and monthly overhead of having a traditional in house production facility. Others with in-house video departments choose CinematixHD to add our expertise and equipment to their current facility without the added expense. Their clients never hear the name Cinematix because we act as if we are a part of the agency they hired.

Circle Dolly set up to film for Exmark

When we show up to work with your clients we represent your firm. Not CinematixHD.  We arrive in a professional 5-ton Grip and Electric/Lighting truck, our crew professionally dressed according to the shoot requirements. Our trucks bear no CinematixHD logos to give you away. If someone at the location asks for a card, we hand over your business card. We are a part of your team.

We use professional motion picture equipment like camera dollies, sliders, camera cranes, high end cameras and lenses, and more. And anything we don’t have? We can get it. We have access to just about anything you could require: Steadicam Operators, powerful location generators, professional film dollies, and even helicopters – both drones, and the kind you fly in!

We can tackle projects large and small. So if you have a small client looking for professionally filmed testimonials and a small overview, or have a large International company needing their next Superbowl Sunday commercial, we are up to the task. We can handle just a portion, or do everything you require. It’s up to you.

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