CinematixHD – We Film Adrenaline

CinematixHD specializes in filming action, adventure, and excitement. In other words – we film ADRENALINE. We create exciting and pulse pounding video productions for businesses, resorts, adventure industries, vacation destinations and other cutting edge companies who have decided to break through the clutter and sameness of traditional video, and put the viewer in the experience.

CinematixHD specializes in creating video that resembles film. Our productions look like film, with the same rich imagery found in cinema. They sound like film, with professional audio and great music tracks. And just as important they “feel” like film, because our productions tell a story.

Creating video that looks like film takes more than a camera and a tripod. It takes years of experience, together with the same tools and techniques used in film production. It’s about using the right blend of equipment, technique, and skill to make your production shine. We work primarily in fast paced action and adventure industries. We are at home in the air, on the track, or on the water.

You don’t need to be in the adrenaline business to showcase your company in an exciting way. Let CinematixHD show you how you can break through traditional and boring video, and stand out above your competition.

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