Using The Camera Crane To Get Cinematic Shots

Of all the tools used in filmmaking to give a production a cinematic look there is one that stands head and shoulders above all the others, literally. That cinematic tool is the camera crane. When you think of epic sweeping motion, or rising reveals there is nothing that comes close to that majestic look, or the amazing floating feeling of the crane shot.

There is a reason this tool is used so often in filmmaking – it creates emotion. Which is why you see this technique used over and over in hit movie after hit movie. But you do not need to be making a feature film to utilize this great tool. At CinematixHD we’ve been using the camera crane to make our clients’ videos more cinematic for years. The sweeping and graceful motion of the crane shot instantly raises the production quality of your video.

You might think that crane shots are limited to real estate, but that’s not the case. Nor are crane shots utilized just for outdoors. Crane shots work well for all types of productions. As these examples will illustrate.

With the increased popularity of the drone, many people will tell you that the camera crane is no longer needed. But that too is not the case. The camera crane can be controlled more precisely than a drone. There is no noise, so you can record audio when using a crane. A crane won’t spook animals and people like a drone will with its loud buzz. Cranes don’t crash, and cranes don’t make people cringe fearing they are going to get hit.

Also, flying a drone over people is dangerous and is actually against the law. Unlike a drone, a crane shot can be repeated exactly the same over and over with ease. It can be used indoors or out. It won’t run out of batteries.

And the biggest advantage to a camera crane is that you can film with high quality cameras like the Red Epic, the Arri Alexa and other cinema cameras. Drones typically use lower quality cameras. The drone has its uses, and we utilize one ourselves. But for the epic look of the crane shot, you still need a camera crane and a skilled and experienced crew to operate it.

If you’d like to take your production to the next level with the look that only a camera crane can deliver, give Cinematix HD a call. 770-938-7077

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